Our Buses

Sure, it’s a school bus on the outside, except that not too many school buses are painted black with illustrated flames shooting out from the hood. If you’re a fan of the Warren Miller ski films, you may have already seen this bus fishtailing through a snow-covered parking lot. That was before Dan got his hands on it.

Dan kept the outside of the bus pretty much as it was. It’s the inside, however, that makes this a party bus. You remember those crammed seats you barely fit into after 5th grade? Those are gone, they are now replaced with comfortable plush leather seats. Dan outfitted his ultra party bus with two flat screen TVs, surround sound, two DVD players, wifi, a microwave oven, even a popcorn machine and a cotton candy machine. There’s also a bathroom on the bus, and a ‘fridge.

Dan’s Ultra Party Bus is ready to travel whenever you’re ready to party.

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