What Every School Bus Wants to Be When It Grows Up

Kalamazoo Party Bus Interview

Dan’s Ultra Party Bus is proud to have been a sponsor of the Kalamazoo Humane Society’s 31st Annual Dog Walk & K-9 Festival in Vicksburg, MI on Saturday, May 2. This is the Humane Society’s largest fundraiser of the year, raising money to support the programs and medical services the society provides for all sorts of pets. As many as 3,000 dogs are brought to participate in the dog walk each year.

During the event, Fox 17 asked for a tour of Dan’s Ultra Party Bus to get an insider’s view. News Anchor Christian Frank starts out the brief interview by commenting on the exterior of the party bus, which is a school bus painted black with flames coming off the front: “This is what every school bus wants to be when it grows up.”

Dan Hill purchased the school bus after it was used in the Warren Miller ski films. He left the exterior the same, but on the inside he made a major transformation. Now the party bus is equipped with a full kitchen, full bathroom, seating area, two TVs and DVD players, a popcorn machine, and a cotton candy machine.

He was working as a ski patrol medic when he first saw the bus and made a tongue-in-cheek comment to the owners that should they ever want to sell, he would be interested. It turns out, his off-handed comment became a reality. He began using it for ski trips, but when people started asking if they could see the bus that was in the films, he decided to start using it as a party bus.

Dan’s Ultra Party Bus is perfect for sporting outings, work events, bachelorette parties, wine tasting tours, brewery tours, and nights out on the town. Contact Dan through the website to plan your next event. To get your own inside look, click here to watch the interview with Fox 17.

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